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Quality First!

A-Zperformance Saab Tuning is a top-of-the-range Saab tuning components maker and distributor. We hand-make customized products using the skills of renowned Hungarian and foreign motorsports experts. The components that we market are of the highest quality, deriving from the most exacting standards of research. We are constantly improving and updating our products, and seeking the newest and best quality performance-oriented solutions. We make and meet numerous demands on ourselves, from the procurement of individual component design and production to technical advice to others. Our specialisms include the design, production and installation of our own stainless steel sport and competition exhaust systems, the reinforcement of road vehicle chassis, and the manufacture of Carbon design optical tuning devices.

Zoltan ALMASI, product developer, tuner, Saab tuner, chess grandmaster:
“In the field of tuning I have the same desire to win as when I play chess. My eminent sporting achievements relate also to the field of car performance improvement, since here too I need to apply the same complex logical processes, assessing the ups and downs of each step of the way. As a chess master since 2002 I have taken on the art of tuning, having in the same year bought, rebuilt and improved my first Saab. I turned my original, comfortable 185 horsepower road vehicle into what is now a 400 horsepower sports car, with my own hands, surpassing even the most famous brands. Long years of learning, burgeoning experience, endless components-testing and ever greater personal courage have crystalized in me the thought of passing this on to others in the context of my own business enterprise.”

Gabor ROBERT, product and webshop development:
“You would never know how good our products are had we not worked on self-presentation and web presence, and if we hadn’t developed within ourselves day by day just as we have developed our products. Buyers and other interested parties have reached us through the internet; we are known through social media and through our website. There is no doubt that a striking, instantly accessible and constantly updated webpage is as important as professional input. In 2014 we launched our first Saab tuning specialist webpage. In February 2018 we went on to create our “Premium Tuning” and “Premium Wheels” pages, where the highest quality professional tuning components and unique choice of rims for the best known brands can be found. We can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube where you will find images of our component design and production, along with other material we consider to be relevant and important.”